Fertilizing the Food Desert: Michael M.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines these as “areas in the United States where people have limited access to a variety of healthy and affordable food.” Fertilizing the Food Desert raises awareness and reaches those populations trapped in urban food deserts. This figurative draught affects my community and me right now.

The core of the series is a survey of vegetables from each member of WE DA PEPO that are reminders of home potentially easy to grow. I compiled the collections and narrowed down seven vegetables. These vegetables are significant because they are considered companion crops that thrive in gardens together. This zine series is a curation of companion crops compiled from WE DA PEPO as a metaphor celebrating the group’s companionship.

The series acts as a pocket guide styled in a “Field Manual” format for easy reference. Based as a single-page print cut and folded into an eight-page pocket guide and designed as an educational tool for first-time gardeners. The intent is to create an understanding of food deserts while offering a solution to a growing problem.

This series is available on our resources page and is free to distribute.