Pt. 3 // Intangible Object

INTANGIBLE OBJECT, in a way, it was a cathartic process for me. I was constantly reminding myself of whatbrought this group together and the questions about immigration that Jusun brought to the table.

At first, when this project presented shared our initial thoughts. I kept mine to myself; however, this project’s tone and my ideas changed after I opened the repackaged piece from itssecond trip. I received the panel after Michael, but he helped me observe the project’s changing concept differently from my perspective. I accommodated my work and idea to add more weight to hiscontribution from his point-of-view. In the end, collaborating in this project is part of participating in this group.

Reflecting on the concept around immigration, the fact that all of us have been the subject ofdiscrimination and microaggressions wholly based on our appearance guided me through my time with Intangible Object. The action of placing our faces onthe paper target creates a metaphor for those impositions. At the same time, I am listening to a historical archive in chronological order about how different races of people with a foreign background have beendiscriminated against and persecuted in America. Towards the end of my process, I added some oil-based color to the bullet holes to emphasize that people die as victims of discrimination and racism. It’s 2020, and we claimto be an advanced society that is more connected than ever before. But because of social media abuse, these aggressions are perpetuated, making them stillexist, even in the year 2020. -Oscar L