Voting Sticker + "Our" Ballot

Voting Stickers: Curated By. Mengjiao Z.

I do not remember how many times I have seen the voting sticker and signs encouraging citizens to use their voting rights. And I, as a citizen, cannot vote apparently. Seeing the sticker of “I voted” is complicated, not only in the U.S. but also back in China, I cannot vote mostly. But I believe people who just like me, who do not have a political voice, heard in another way. In the beginning, I reversed the text of “I voted” to “I cannot vote.” Then this year during the election season, I proposed to the group about our individual messages, opinion about voting rights.

"Our" Ballot: Curated By. Mengjiao

As a non-citizen, I cannot participate in any political events happening in the US. I cannot even have access to the ballot - but those propositions on the ballots do affect my life here, less or more. Moreover, the process of getting propositions on ballots is either backed by big money or large interest groups. But I do believe everyone’s proposal is things that people want to be changed or omitted from the government but are unrealistic at the moment. Those propositions are not going to be on any ballots; they are romantic, idealistic, and sarcastic. Instead, they will exist on sheets of toilet paper to wipe your ass.