'SAFE ZONE' Alert: Irene


Morse code has been used since the 1800’s to send out distress or emergency calls, it has been used to transmit secret messages. Originally created with a series of short and long electric pulses, people have adapted this language to light bursts, sounds and even blinking eyes. One thing remains the same across all methods of transmission, a search for understanding, help and a desire to find a path towards safety.

Where are we safe? Where do we belong? Who will understand us? Are safety, belonging and understanding found in a physical space or is it a psychological one? Is that place called home? Most humans change homes multiple times throughout their lives. Home is malleable, perhaps transitory, accidental or even opportunistic. Home might be a romantic notion of our past or a dream for the future.

Journey address the search for home. The human desire for belonging, safety and understanding. Journey looks at the active process of searching rather than the destination.