Intangible Object: Curated By. JUSUN S.

With its paradoxical terms, Intangible Object raises the question; If an object is a tangible “thing,” what is “intangible?” Perhaps, it is our predominant mode of communication on the internet since lockdown in parts of the world; maybe it is the communities taking shape in these cyber world(s). Perhaps the term “intangible object” makes more sense today, however, highlighting cultural dominance that symbolizes our possessions, within this context, as an “intangible object.” As an artist, having gone through the immigration process to come to the United States, I feel disconnected from my culture. I realized that this is a shared experience amongst transnational artists, and I wanted to explore why human beings retrace their identities connected to heritage and geopolitics?

Possession is a desire for expression, attachment, obsession, and occupation. A desire to seek stability and security also brings fear to communities of immigrated families. This project invites the responding artists to express their experiences and emotions on this blank wooden panel, aware that the evidence of their work is only temporary. Once the artist “activates” the blank panel, the “object” then ships to the next artist for the addition of their response. The object’s journey consists of shooting, unveiling, scrapping, distorting, painting, and finally revisiting the wood panel’s surface that depicts a historic embodiment in possession of identity.