Pt. 7 // Intangible Object

The original concept of Intangible Object was to paint onto this panel collectively. I had been sketching and began preparations with the intent to paint onto this panel. When I received the package, it was full of dirt, distorted scraps of woods, and paper. Intangible Object was now at a hard pause. Though the surface was gone, I was still able to read the “history” of each member’s interaction with its narrative. The intangible history of every artist was evident on the surface pieces. The process of the object being used and transferred was truly relevant to how contemporary society absorbs its culture and history. Fixing broken parts of the stretcher and stretching the linen over the frame was reshaped and renewed by my hand. However, the panel retains its rich history since its narration is true. As Michael mentioned during his possession of the panel, “The object belongs to everyone now. But the manner of our possession of it will always remain intangible.” To summarize, I want to emphasize how many voices contributed to the creation of Intangible Object and critique that they remain muted and unheard post-process. The only evidence of its existence is the fact that the audience bears witness to the entire process. -Jusun