Calcified: Vivian Vivas

CALCIFIED is an improvisational performance art piece created as part of the larger art project, The Passage of the Tortoise, led by Irene Carvajal, to humanize the immigrant traveler carrying their home, both shelter, and burden, on their journey of survival. Calcified is a response to The Passage of the Tortoise created by Vivian Vivas, in collaboration with Irene Carvajal.

The performance begins with fire breathing to achieve an amplified state of consciousness, commemorate breath as a carrier and chariot of memories, connect us to our migrations, family, and those who came before us. Cracked eggs glued to our bodies express a representational symbolism of loss and survival, highlighting the connection of memory and the inner journeys that are continually broken and reconstructed. A third performer, opera singer Claire Gendler, sings both a lament and a lullaby to the loved ones left behind.